North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank

Getting Involved

There are several ways to get involved with the Foodbank:

  • You may wish to collect food to donate to the Foodbank.  A full list of items we stock is given here and our Special Requests page shows any particular current needs.  Food can be dropped off at a distribution centre during opening hours, or contact our administrator to arrange collection; email: [email protected] 


  • You can also collect Nectar points for the Foodbank when doing your shopping - just use a Foodbank Nectar card and the points you earn will be allocated to the Foodbank.  To get a Foodbank Nectar card just ask the Foodbank contact in your local church or email: [email protected].  However, if you hold a Foodbank Nectar card which you are no longer able to use, then please do return it to us so we can give it to someone else.


  • Financial donations are also welcome.  For ways in which you can make donations, (including online) please see our Donations page.


  • We also need volunteers to staff the Foodbank and help with stock management at the storage depot.  If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers - in any capacity - then we'd be very pleased to hear from you; email: [email protected]


  • If you represent a statutory or voluntary agency, then you can register with us as a Distributor of vouchers so people in crisis can be referred to us.  Email to: [email protected] 

If you'd like more information, then please do contact us.

Many Thanks to all who are already supporting the Foodbank, see here