North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank

What We Need

The following items are needed for the Foodbank:

tins or packets of soup

bottled or tinned sauces

tins of meat

tins of vegetables

tins of fish

tinned vegetarian meals

tins of baked beans

tins/cartons of tomatoes

tinned potatoes or instant mash

pasta, rice, noodles

breakfast cereals

tins of fruit

tins of sponge and milk puddings

tins or packets of custard

tea or coffee

other hot beverages

small packets of sugar

UHT/powdered milk

long-life fruit juice

biscuits, jams etc




toilet rolls, washing-up liquid etc

When donating food, please ensure that it has a

"best before date"

of at least 6 months in advance


If there are items which we  particularly need these are listed on the

 Special Requests page.


Similarly if we are well-stocked with something we will say so there.